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One Green City - Winnipeg, Manitoba

One Green City, Winnipeg, MB:

- a detailed plan describing how to create a first-class cycling route network, A.S.A.P., that is safe for the young or inexperienced, convenient and comfortable for the commuter . . . and fun for everyone -

- organized into chapters (Bikeway Network, Cycling-Friendly Streets, Bike Parking, Winnipeg Transit, Marketing & Health Promotion, Law Enforcement & Analysis) that reflect all of the factors needed to create a truly great cycling-friendly city.

- adapted to Winnipeg by Anders Swanson, April 2007 - - - based on Chicago's Bike Plan 2015 (with permission from Ben Gomberg, The City of Chicago's Bicycle Program Coordinator)
AT Study

Winnipeg's Active Transportation Study - (City of Winnipeg and MARR Consulting) (Feb.2005) For the main report, click icon at left, for appendices (including maps, see below:

Appendices and Maps

A - Terms of Reference
B - Public Works Survey Results
C - Active Transportation Focus Group Results
D - On-line Survey Results
E - Commuter Challenge Contest entries Results
Executive Summary
F - Fall Telephone Survey Results
G - Current Policy Details
H - Glossary of Active Transportation Facility Terms
I - Reference List for Facility Design Guidelines and Standards
J - Sample Design Standards for Active Transportation Facilities
K - Comprehensive list of all facility recommendations
L - Existing Active Transportation Programs and Related Organizations
M - Priority Facility Recommendations by Geographic Region and Treatment
N - Map - Winnipeg's Existing Active Transportation Facilities as of September 2004
O - Map - Winnipeg's Winter Active Transportation Facilities as of September 2004
P - Map - Winnipeg's Proposed Active Transportation Facilities
Q - Map - Winnipeg's Future Active Transportation Facilities Network
R - References
Table of Contents - Appendices


bike to the future forum "Bike to the Future Report: proceedings from the participatory forum" - (compiled by members of Bike to the Future) (Sept.2006)
Bike Commuter Survey

Winnipeg Bicycle Commuter Survey (2006) (PDF) - (Prologica Research)

OneGreenCity One Green City report - (Anders Swanson) (last updated: Jan 2007) Cumulative Document Outlining Goals, Vision and Design Considerations of One Green City
pritchard "Pritchard Avenue as a Bikeway" (May 2007) (North Winnipeg Commuter Cyclists)
machray bikeway "Machray Avenue as a Bikeway" (May 2007) (North Winnipeg Commuter Cyclists)
Kingsbury "Kingsbury Avenue as a Bikeway" (May 2007) (North Winnipeg Commuter Cyclists)
pritchard "Powers Street as a Bikeway" (May 2007) (North Winnipeg Commuter Cyclists)
Marconi Project "The Marconi Project - Community Vision and Design Recommendations" - (Jan.2006) (RENN-TC) (6.6Mb PDF)
Winnipeg Maps (return to top)
One Green City - detail maps
Main Map

One Green City's New Interactive Map (powered by Google MyMaps)

Integrating Google's new MyMaps software, the new map allows for more interactivity, is searchable by specific address, can be update instantaneously by numerous people with access to the password, can be overlaid with satellite images, and allows for the inclsusion of photos, points of interest and comments for each suggested route or ongoing project. (The old, navigable by ward map, can be still be found in the maps section, although it will soon be outdated)

oldwebsite The original, with a map that is navigable by ward.
university University area - O.G.C. detail map (749Kb) (March 2007)
marconi - downtown connection

Downtown Marconi Connection - O.G.C. detail map (495Kb) - (Nov. 2007)

Winsmart Winsmart - detail map (582 Kb) - based on City of Winnipeg Press Release Jan.2007
River Heights River Heights Area - O.G.C. detail map (1.45 Mb) (Feb.2007)
Cable Car U of M Cable Car or Bridge Location of proposed new AT link across Red River (cable car or bridge) - (Councilor Swandel's proposal as delegation to S.C.on I.& P.W.) (Mar.2007)
downtown - winsmart Downtown and Winsmart - priority connections (OGC map)
Aikins Aikins Map prepared for Councilor Lazarenko and Councilor Pagtakhan e-mail - Jan.23 2007. (OGC Map)
downtwon Suggested Downtown Routes - perpared for Rob Cosco Feb.18, 2007
stb Disraeli Area Map showing suggested routes over new Disraeli bridge and from Marconi to the Forks vis St.Boniface - perpared for Don English, Kevin Miller and Phil Roadley in advance of meeting to discuss Disraeli bridge rehabilitation and possible St.Boniface connection (Feb. 24 2007)
disraeli Disraeli Area Large scale version of suggested routes to and from Disraeli (Feb.24 2007)

Marconi Connections - Suggested bikeway connections affecting the Marconi Trail project. Prepared for meeting with Lester Deane (Streets Projects Engineer overseeing development of the Marconi trail on behalf of the City of Winnipeg) 02.25.07


North End suggestions - Suggested bikeway routes submitted to Wendy Singleton and the Seven Oaks Neighbourhood Network's Trail Committee.02.25.07

Marconi South Marconi Connectivity (Southern Section)
Marconi North Marconi Connectivity (Northern Section)
Maps with Detailed Proposals &Architectural Drawings
bishop Grandin Greenway

New BGGW - Suggested changes to Bishop Grandin Greenway Route (Planning Property and Development) (Jan.26 2007)

Bishop Grandin Greenway "Bishop Grandin Greenway Expansion - East and West of the Red River" - (Rivers West, Hilderman-Thomas-Frank-Cram Landscape Architecture & Planning)
Winsmart Phase 1 Part A Winsmart Active Transportation Pathway - Phase I - Jubilee to The Norwood Bridge - Part A - (McGowan Russell)
Winsmart 1 Winsmart Active Transportation Pathway - Phase I - Jubilee to The Norwood Bridge - Part B (McGowan Russell)
Winsmart Phase 1 Part C Winsmart Active Transportation Pathway - Phase I - Jubilee to The Norwood Bridge - Part C - (McGowan Russell)
Marconi Intersection Marconi - Planned Typical Intersection Treatment (April 2007) - City of Winnipeg Public Works
Marconi Crossing Innovative Marconi - Suggested Alternative Intersection Treatment - (May 2007) One Green City
Official City of Winnipeg Maps
AT Study existing

City of Winnipeg Active Transportation Study - Existing Facilties Network Map (2004)

AT Winter

City of Winnipeg Active Transportation Study - Winter Facilities Network Map (2004)

AT Proposed

City of Winnipeg Active Transportation Study - Proposed Facilities Network Map (2004)


City of Winnipeg Active Transportation Study - Future Facilities Network Map (2004)

Plan 2020 "PlanWinnipeg 2020 Vision - "Transportation" Concept Plan to 2020 and Beyond" - (The City of Winnipeg) (1.6 Mb PDF)
Cycling Infrastructure Design (return to top)

TRB’s National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) Report 552: Guidelines for Analysis of Investments in Bicycle Facilities

. . . includes methodologies and tools to estimate the cost of various bicycle facilities and for evaluating their potential value and benefits.  The report is designed to help transportation planners integrate bicycle facilities into their overall transportation plans and on a project-by-project basis. The research described in the report has been used to develop a set of web-based guidelines, available on the Internet at , (or see below) that provide a step-by-step worksheet for estimating costs, demands, and benefits associated with specific facilities under consideration.

about the TRB: The Transportation Research Board (TRB) is a division of the National Research Council, which serves as an independent adviser to the (American) federal government and others on scientific and technical questions of national importance.


If your community is considering building a new bicycle facility, you can use this tool to estimate costs, the demand in terms of new cyclists, and measured economic benefits (e.g., time savings, increased livability, decreased health costs, a more enjoyable ride).


- Costs for all types of bicycle infrastructure and amenities are calculated based on local areas, and year pf planned construction.

-Costs are in American dollars, all cities shown (for Canadian Cities, choose "other" for city and pick the state nearest your province.

-This tool was designed by in conjunction with the Transportation Research Board.


Oregon The State of Oregon's Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan (262 pages, 7.5 Mb PDF)
bike info

The Pedestrain and Bicycle Information Centre's Design and Engineering Pages


The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials Webpage. "AASHTO is a nonprofit, nonpartisan association representing highway and transportation departments in the 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. It represents all five transportation modes: air, highways, public transportation, rail ,and water. Its primary goal is to foster the development, operation, and maintenance of an integrated national transportation system."

AASHTO provides technical services and is largely regarded as the keeper of North American traffic design standards. They have a for-profit bookstore and and they publish/sell a number of guides for engineering purposes.

A comprehensive source of planning and design information for bike paths, lanes and route and other infrastructure elements is their "Guide for the Development of Bicycle Facilities, 3rd Edition" (1999).  It is available in the bookstore on their website.

chicagodesignguide Chicago's Bike Lane Design Guide - - a guide for designers, detailed drawings for various cicumstances, including signage templates and both on-road and off-road facilities.
City of Seattle Seattle's Right of Way Improvements Manual (link)

Rails with Trails:Design, Management and Operating Characteristics of 61 Trails along Active Railway Lines (USA)


cross alert

Cross Alert systems - for managing situations where a multi-use trail crosses major intersection (LINK)

Design Specifications

White Paper on Intersection Safety

sharrows Sharrows - - San Francisco's Shared Lane Pavement Marking: Improving Bicycle Safety
Municipal Bicycle Master Plans (return to top)
City of Saskatoon Saskatoon's Bicycle Facilities Network Study 2003 (PDF)
City of Minneapolis Minneapolis' Bike Plan (link)
chicago Chicago's Bike Plan 2015 (PDF) - - Winnipeg needs one of these! Badly. Well-written and comprehensive. Practical, and well-researched, but simple and clear to read. It's a city with 4 million+ people that's so congested their entire downtown has an upstairs! Sometimes it's hard to tell whether you're on ground level! Triple-decker freeways! And yet, they plan to have a dedicated bikeway within a half-mile of every resident in 8 years. We have only 600, 000 people and so much more land than Chicago! If cycling in Chicago can be this good, we should be able to create a utopia!
City of Toronto Toronto's Bicycle Plan (link)
City of Ottawa Ottawa's Bicycle Facilities Draft Plan (link)
Vancouver Vancouver's Bike Plan 1999 (PDF)
Halifax Regional Municipality Halifax Regional Municipality's Blueprint for a Bicycle-Friendly (PDF)
Austin City of Austin's Bicycle Plan (link)
City of Seattle Seattle's Bicycle Master Plan (link)
New York New York City's Bicycle Master Plan 1997 (link)
San Francisco San Francisco's Bicycle Plan (link)
City of Copenhagen Copenhagen's 2004 Bicycle Account (PDF)
houston map Houston Bikeway Map -2007 front - 2007 reverse
City of Melbourne Melbourne's Bicycle Plan (link)
Municipal Bicycle Route Maps (return to top)

"Toronto Bike Plan - Proposed Bikeway Network" (City of Toronto) (2005) (PDF)


Calgary Calgary's Bike Infrastructure (PDF)
Vancouver The City of Vancouver's Bikeway Website (link)
San Francisco City of San Frnacisco's Bike Facilities Map (PDF)
Cycling Studies (return to top)
Victori Transport Policy

Victoria Transport Policy Institute - A wealth of Studies relating to cycling promotion, infrastructure and current use


"Cycling Trends and Policies in Canadian Cities" - (2005) (Rutgers University) Prose-style comparative study of cycling facilites, government policy, usage, and planning in 6 Canadian Cities: Vancouver, Victoria, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal and Quebec. Particularly interesting is the last section: Conclusions and Policy Recommendations.

GrassrootsOrg "Analysis of Successful Grassroots Movements Relating to Pedestrians and Bicycles and A Guide On How to Initiate a Successful Program" (U.S. Department of Transportation) (PDF)
builditandtheywillcome "Bridging the Gaps: How the Quality and Quantity of a Connected Bikeway Network Correlates with Increasing Bicycle Use" Birk & Geller, July 2005
rwtcdn Rails with Trails in Canada - documenting bicycle infrastructure paths along active railway lines in various places in Canada
minnesota study A Longitudinal Analysis on the Effect of Bicycle Facilities on Commute Mode Share (Barnes, Thompson, Krizek) - This paper uses census data to describe changes in bicycle commute mode shares between 1990 and 2000 in the Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN area, and specifically the impact of new bicycle facilities that were created during this decade.
Influences on Cycling

"Influences on Bicycle Use" - (J.D.Hunt & J.E.Abraham, Department of Civil Engineering, University of Calgary) (800Kb PDF) lengthy study, done in Edmonton, of the factors that influence cycling habits.

Bicycle Skills & Safety (return to top)

How to Not Get Hit by Cars: Important lessons on Bicycle Safety( by Michael Bluejay)

bike sense Bike Sense - An 18 page guide from British Columbia outlining the rules of the road, bike handling and traffic skills (note: the traffic rules and regulations mentioned in this guide may be different from those in Manitoba)

Video / Powerpoint Presentations (return to top)

Separated Bike Lnes Video The Case for Separated Bike Lanes in New York City (video)
street films StreetFilms.Org - collection of videos from this New York City-based (video)
interview with Mayor of Bogota

Interview with Enrique Penalosa, former mayor of Bogota Columbia (video)

Remarkable insight into how to make sweeping changes to a city's bicycle infrastructure network

bloomberg video Mayor Bloomberg of New York City's speech about congestion pricing
Crank My Chain Crank My Chain - Bicycle TV (link)
downtown marconi Marconi- Downtown Connection (powerpoint presentation) (PDF) (BTTF, WTA, OGC)
IPBI Download the On-Street Bikeways and Off-Street Trails PowerPoint Presentation (32mb) - Initiative for Bicycle and Pedestrian Innovation (university of Portland
ogcepc One Green City Powerpoint Presentation to Executive Policy Committee (Dec.2007)
cycling copenhagen Cycling in Copenhagen (video)
Images & Montages (return to top)
bike nifo photo The Pedestrain and Bicycle Information Centre's Photo Collection            
Marconi Connection Marconi - Downtown Connection (photoshoped image - Anders Swanson)            
  more artistic renderings coming - to add yours, e-mail