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Commuter Cycling (return to top)
Bike to the Future

Bike to the Future - Bike to the Future was formed in Winnipeg in June 2006. It is a "voluntary, inclusive group of concerned cyclists working to make cycling in Winnipeg a safe, enjoyable, accessible and convenient transportation choice year-round." They "envision a city where cycling is embraced as the preferred mode of transportation, where cycling is integrated into urban design and planning, and where Winnipeg is recognized as a leader in cycling infrastructure and programs."

Since its inception, it has rapidly grown to become the eloquent and effective voice of Winnipeg's cycling community. To share your ideas or hear about commuter cycling issues, join their growing e-mail list or become a member.

Pembina Cycling Pembina Cycling Blog - Online discussion, led by a committee of cyclists specifically formed to look at the urgent cycling infrastructure needs in the Pembina corridor.
Spin S.P.I.N. (Strength and Participation in Numbers) - Website describing yearly cycling event attracting attention to the number and the needs of cyclists in Winnipeg.

North Winnipeg Commuter Cyclists - "North Winnipeg Commuter Cyclists is part of a growing network of community organizations and individuals committed to the creation of safer cycling corridors or routes to connect North Winnipeg to other commuter cyclist routes in the rest of the city and beyond."

area borders: West of Red River, North of CP Rail tracks

for info contact: northwinnipegcommutercyclists@gmail.com


West Central Commuter Cyclists - see above. note: clicking on icon takes you to WC3's route reconnaissance map, website forthcoming

area borders: North of the Assiniboine River, West of Osborne, South of the CP Rail tracks, West to RRCC.

for info contact: westcentralcommutercyclists@gmail.com

Naturalcycle Natural Cycle Worker Co-op - Bikeshop and city-wide courier company "It is the goal of Natural Cycle to promote sustainable transportation by increasing access to human powered vehicles; specifically bicycles!" Advocacy activities include Workplace Commuting Workshops, Car Free Day and support for numerous related activities and events.
The Bike Dump The Bike Dump - The Bike Dump is a volunteer-run bicycle collective in Winnipeg. We offer: Tools and space to fix your bike; A stock of recycled bike frames and parts to build yourself a bike from; Volunteers to help guide you through your repairs or project ; Recycled bicycles sold on a sliding scale; Bicycle repair workshop series"
Bike Dungeon The Bike Dungeon (provided by UMREG) "The Bike Dungeon is a rudimentary bike shop situated on the University of Manitoba's Fort Garry campus. We are a teaching shop, preferring that customers explore their own bikes and learn repair for themselves."
Commuter Challenge Commuter Challenge (Manitoba) - annual event with the goal of encouraging people to use alternative forms of transportation to commute to work
Active and Safe Routes to School Active and Safe Routes to School - (Manitoba)
MSTN The Manitoba Student Transportation Network

Better Environmentally Sound Transportation
822-510 West Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada, V6B 1L8  
Tel: 604.669.2860 Fax: 604.669.2869

Rails to Trails

Rails to Trails Conservancy - An american organization promoting awareness of and support for rails-to-trails and rails-with-trails throughout North America.
Rails with trails: routes that follow active railway lines.
Rails to trails: routes that use abandones/decomminssioned railway lines as rights-of-way for human or horse-powered powered transportation

Go for Green Go for Green - National (CDN) Organization promoting active transportation and offering resources about AT planning &implementation.
Bicycle Friendly Community BicycleFriendlyCommunity.org - An organization created to promote awareness of cycling, and to create a bicycle-friendly culture - - -offers a scoring system for bicycle friendly communities
world carfree network

The World Carfree Network "Welcome to the online headquarters of the World Carfree Network, the hub of the global carfree movement. Worldcarfree.net is a clearinghouse of information from around the world on how to revitalise our towns and cities and create a sustainable future. In addition to serving the carfree movement, Worldcarfree.net offers resources for architects, planners, teachers/professors, students, decision-makers and engaged citizens."

Recreational Cycling - (Trail Stewardship, Mountain Biking and Racing) (return to top)

Manitoba Cycling Association - The source for bicycle racing information in Winnipeg. Lots of other stuff including information on one-of-a-kind dirt trails and tips on cycling in the winter. - The Manitoba Cycling Association also has a recreation and transportation committee.

fortgarrybikeclub The Fort Garry Bike Club - "We are a small, self-governing collective (with a figure-head) of bike enthusiasts. Some of us even ride them."

Winnipeg Trails Association - WPG chapter of Manitoba Recreational Trails Association - umbrella organization for a list of local trails committees and stewardship groups, many of which are listed below.


River East Neighbourhood Network - Trail Committee (Marconi, Bunn's Creek, Trans Canada Trail, Douglas Ave, route to Bird's Hill Park)

Rivers West Rivers West - (trail development and habitat rehabilitation along the Red River Corridor)
bruce Park Friends of Bruce Park - trail stewardship and habitat rehabilitation - St.James / Sturgeon Creek
Save Our Seine Save our Seine - trail stewardship and habitat rehabilitation - (Seine River)
St Norbert St.Norbert Heritage Trails (St.Norbert)
Transcona Trails Transcona Trails - recreational paths in Transcona
Seven Oaks Seven Oaks Neighbourhood Resource Network (Hearts in Motion Trail) - Garden City
Assiniboine Forest Assiniboine Forest
Environment (return to top)
Climate Change Connection The Climate Change Connection (Manitoba)
MB EcoNetwork The Manitoba Econetwork

The Centre for Sustainable Transportation "The Centre for Sustainable Transportation, which was established in the Toronto Region in the mid 1990’s, is now an integral part of the University of Winnipeg, a leading city core university dedicated to the principles of sustainable development.

The Centre was founded to provide leadership in achieving sustainable transportation in Canada. It provides reliable information, fills knowledge gaps through research, educates stakeholders and raises awareness among them, and offers strategic policy advice in selected areas. The Centre strives to become a central resource on sustainable transportation practices and supporting information.

RCM Resource Conservation Manitoba - umbrella group for a number of environmental initiatives including the Manitoba chapters of national movements such as "Active and Safe Routes to School" and "Commuter Challenge"
Health and Safety (return to top)
PACM Physical Activity Coalition of Manitoba (PDF)
heart and stroke

The Heart and Stroke Foundation

"People age 18 and over need to be physical active 30 to 60 minutes, most days of the week. Incorporating activity into your day will have significant health benefits and may reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke. . . .

Moderate activities make you feel warmer and increase your breathing rate more. They require 30 to 60 minutes a day. These may include: . . .

  • Riding a bike . . . "
lung association The Canadian Lung Association
MPIC Manitoba Public Insurance
active living

Public Health Agency of Canada - Active Living at Work Program

In 1997, Federal, Provincial and Territorial ministers responsible for physical activity, sport and recreation, recognized physical inactivity as a serious health issue and set a target to reduce inactivity by 10% between 1998 and 2003.

The Business Case for Active Living at Work is the third major initiative undertaken by Health Canada to improve the physical activity levels of Canadians since 1998. The first two initiatives were the launch in 1998 of Canada's Physical Activity Guide to Healthy, Active Living followed by Canada's Physical Activity Guide for older adults in 1999.

Tourism (return to top)
destination winnipeg

Destination Winnipeg

"Welcome to Destination Winnipeg’s website! We are the city’s economic development and tourism agency, here to be your source for information on everything about working, living and playing in Winnipeg."

entreprises riel

Entreprises Riel

"Tourisme Riel is a division of Entreprises Riel, a private, not-for-profit organization whose mandate is to undertake and foster Francophone economic, community and tourism development initiatives in the City of Winnipeg’s Riel District (Saint-Boniface, Saint-Norbert, Saint-Vital) in Manitoba, Canada.

Tourisme Riel is responsible for the Francophone tourist activities for this region. Our services include developing Francophone tourism products and services, as well as promoting the various attractions, historical sites, tourist activities and services in the Riel region."

travel manitoba Travel Manitoba
Economic Development (return to top)

The Downtown Winnipeg Business Improvement Zone (Downtown BIZ)

" . . . is dedicated to making downtown Winnipeg the place to work, do business, live, shop and enjoy.

We do this through events, partnerships and our many programs. The Downtown BIZ is committed to the downtown community, providing programs that respond to member needs. Issues we address include parking and transportation, social and safety issues, and the image of downtown."

The Downtown Biz - Transportation Committee is a helpful pool of knowledgeable persons who are committed to helping make the downtown a more attractive place to be and to do business by addressing the concerns of all forms of transportation, including the bicycle.


The Spence Neighbourhood Association

" . . . works with the people of Spence to revitalize and renew their community in the areas of health, safety, community economic development, and housing and neigbourhood image."


West End Biz
Mission Statement: "To build a stronger West End community, by enhancing and supporting our business interests and residential neighbourhoods, and establishing lasting working relationships with our member organizations. The West End BIZ will build upon the strengths, traditions and cultures of the area."

necrc The North End Community Renewal Corporation "was established in 1998 to promote the social, economic and cultural renewal of the north end of Winnipeg."
chamber commerce The Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce

The Unpac Gender Budget Project

Read this excerpt from their Women & Economics Project, under the heading Alternative Economics, and ask yourself why it is that there are community stores in the core, but very few in the suburbs:

"Community Stores. While community stores were a part of our communities several decades ago, today most of us shop for food at large and extra-large chain grocery stores. While we may get to know a few cashiers or the meat counter staff we have little idea who is receiving the profits of our purchases. Most of the profit generated by our purchases probably ends up in large corporations with headquarters far from where we live. Community stores and independently-owned larger grocery stores do still exist and need our support. Locally-owned stores are more inclined to consider the health of their neighbours rather than simply their own profit. For example, Neechi Foods Community Store in Winnipeg's North End is the only food store in Manitoba that chooses not to sell cigarettes. The store also sells fruit to children at cost encouraging kids to spend their dimes and nickels on apples and bananas rather than pop and chips. Take a walk through your neighbourhood and visit your community stores. Talk to the people who work there and learn how they are contributing to the health of your community."

Government (return to top)
City of Winnipeg Home Page
GreenSpace GreenSpace - The city of Winnipeg's new environmental site - includes information on the Greenhouse Gas Action Plan, active transportation initiatives, etc...

Decision Making information System

Look here for the minutes of council and committee meetings, support documentation provided by delegates and the results of motions/votes.


Meeting Schedule

Schedule of upcoming Executive Policy, council and community committee meetings.


Department of Planning, Property and Development

Included in their mandate is:

"Community Development, Consultation & Facilitation
This is a public service offered to neighbourhood and business associations, community groups, property and business owners, stakeholders and residents that promotes community input into decision making, neighbourhood planning, design policy formulation and plan implementation. This service applies to both short and long term planning related to the implementation of targeted programs, as well as neighbourhood management, suburban and downtown developments, development applications, BIZ zones, heritage buildings and districts, parks and open space, implementation of targeted programs and community facilities. The service includes the provision of information and advice, and liaison with other levels of government on planning and development matters, regulations, standards and processes."

City of Winnipeg

Plan Winnipeg 2020

"Plan Winnipeg 2020 Vision is City Council’s long-range policy plan. It was adopted December 12, 2001. The Plan is intended to guide Winnipeg into the twenty-first century by addressing the broad physical, social, economic, and environmental conditions in the city. In that sense, Plan Winnipeg is the most important document prepared by the City of Winnipeg because it provides the foundation for all civic activity. All other documents, budgets, public works, programs, or developments must be consistent with this Plan"

National / International

The Federation of Canadian Municipalities (Green Municipal Fund - link)

"The GMF operates at arms-length from the federal government, and supports municipal governments, and their partners, to improve to quality of our air, water and soil, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

As the only national fund that specifically addresses the needs of municipal governments, its broad range of financial products, resources, expertise and services have become the first stop for municipal governments wanting to pursue environmental infrastructure initiatives."


Neighbourhoods Alive!
The Manitoba Government created Neighbourhoods Alive! to provide community organizations in designated neighbourhoods with the support they need to rebuild these neighbourhoods. Neighbourhoods Alive! recognizes that often the best ideas for neighbourhood revitalization come from the community itself. The aim of Neighbourhoods Alive! is to support these ideas and goals with funding and planning assistance.


Canada-Manitoba Infrastructure Program (Municipal Rural Infrastructure Program (MRIF)

" . . . MRIF's Objectives
MRIF's objectives include investing in projects that improve the quality of life for all Manitobans

  • Enhance the quality of Canada's environment
  • Support long-term economic growth
  • Improve community infrastructure
  • Build 21st century infrastructure through best technologies, new approaches and best practices.
MRIF's primary focus - Green municipal infrastructure.
"Green" projects include those which protect and/or enhance the quality of our environment, such as water and wastewater systems, water management, solid waste management and recycling, and capital expenditures to construct or improve the energy efficiency of buildings and facilities owned by local governments.

MRIF's secondary focus - Other local infrastructure.
Including local transportation infrastructure, cultural and recreational infrastructure, infrastructure supporting tourism, and rural and remote connectivity.

Infrastructure Canada - Gas Tax Agreement

"SCHEDULE A- Eligible Project Categories

1) ESMI Projects include the following:

a) Public transit:

  1. Rapid Transit: tangible capital assets and rolling stock (includes light rail, heavy rail additions, subways, ferries, transit stations, park and ride facilities, grade separated bus lanes and rail lines);

  2. Transit Buses: bus rolling stock, transit bus stations;

  3. Intelligent Transport System (ITS) and Transit Priority Capital Investments;

  4. ITS technologies to improve transit priority signalling, passenger and traffic information, and transit operations;

  5. Capital investments, such as transit queue-jumpers and High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes

  6. Para transit: rolling stock, fixed capital assets and systems

  7. Related capital infrastructure: bus-loading bays, road rehabilitation for bus-only lanes.

  8. Active transportation infrastructure (e.g., bike lanes)."


Infrastructure Canada - Canada Strategic Infrastructure Fund (CSIF)

"Investment: $4 Billion . . .Outcomes:

  • Reduced production of greenhouse gases and airborne pollutants. . . . "

Infrastructure Canada - Infrastructure Canada Program (ICP)

"Investment: $2.05 billion...The ICP's first priority is green municipal infrastructure – projects that improve the quality of our environment and contribute to our national goals of clean air and water."

Education (return to top)
u of w

The University of Winnipeg - Campus Sustainability Office

Initiatives to reduce consumption of fossil fuels and GHG emissions arising from transportation sources include:

  • Active exploration of alternative methods of program delivery such that the need for transportation is reduced.
  • Plans for a campaign to increase awareness of the impacts of fuel-based transportation and to encourage even greater use of mass transit by students, staff, and faculty, as well as greater discretion in deciding when and whether travel is necessary.
  • An initiative within the Spence Street re-development to include a major urban transit hub at the core of the campus redevelopment area to further promote use of urban transit.
  • A Sustainable Transportation Working Group of the Campus Sustainability Council has been struck and charged with developing a comprehensive transportation strategy for the campus. It is due to table its proposals with Senior Administration by May, 2007.
u of m

UMREG - University of Manitoba Recycling and Environmental Group

"Mission Statement

UMREG advocates for the environment
by encouraging sustainability and cultivating awareness,
while supporting diversity in the global community
and inspiring individuals on campus and beyond
to live with respect for the Earth. "

(The Bike Dungeon - 474-9118)

u of m University of Manitoba - Office of Sustainability