-One Green City v2.0 established June 2nd, 2007-
'Helping create a first-class, comprehensive network of bikeways spanning all of Winnipeg.'


- (above) The Cycling Stewardship Group Map: Click on an Area to Learn More -

IMPORTANT: Detailed cycling infrastructure improvement maps are being refined in an intensive community consultation process involving hundreds of people - - experts and laypeople alike. To view the latest results, check individual areas. This process has been ongoing at the local level since the Spring of 2007.

The interactive map (shown below) has not been updated for a while. The routes currently on it were posted for inspiration. It will receive a major updated once again in the Spring of 2008, this time to reflect the city-wide vision established by the various groups.

On June 2nd, 2007, to coincide with International Trails Day and the beginning of Commuter Challenge, One Green City unveiled this new version of the website, centering around a major change to the map. However, the map is not the only thing that's changed. Please explore. Shown below are just some of the new developments. More are planned. Remember, www.onegreencity.com was created for YOU because a website has the unique abiltiy to evolve and adapt. This is a volunteer project, but if you know of a way that it can better help you, don't hesitate to ask.

The New One Green City Map uses Google's MyMaps technology because it features:
-instant updates-
-embedded links-
-intuitive icons-
-satellite imagery-
(....and more)


One Green City: Winnipeg, Manitoba

A strategy booklet, in PDF format, based on Chicago's Bike Plan 2015 with permission from the City of Chicago's Bicycle program coordinator. This comprehensive document discusses some of the many ways that you (or your organization) can help make Winnipeg a cycling-friendly city and suggested possible strategies and best practices.



The new Guide to Community Organizations organizations

The new Guide to Bicycle Infrastructure documents

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