One Green City

'Helping create a first-class, comprehensive network of bikeways spanning all of Winnipeg.'


Welcome to One Green City.

One Green City was created to open lines of communication and provoke serious dialogue in order to catalyze and accelerate action on one simple idea: the creation of a comprehensive network of safe & efficient bikeways spanning all of Winnipeg A.S.A.P.

This new backbone of safe & efficient high-quality routes will hasten bicycle trips from anywhere to anywhere. Designed to the highest standards, with the specific needs and properties of bicycle-travel in mind, these 'bikeways' would be, to the cyclist, what the 'aretrial roads and highways' are to the driver.

To meet One Green City's goal of maximum participation A.S.A.P., the network must be comprehensive for cyclists of all ages and levels of experience.

One Green City, an entirely volunteer project, liaises with cycling-related groups throughout the city (and spawns new ones) by encouraging them all to connect, to share information, and to contribute to the planning of an integrated network.

This is accomplished largely by:

- promoting a visually arresting vision of a potential Winnipeg cycling route network (promoted via the website, the large-scale printed maps, the strategies booklet, etc..);

- offering graphic design services to help advance new initiatives developed locally through community consultation and consensus;

- helping local organizations understand the municipal administrative process;

- keeping a database of potentially supportive partner organizations and pointing people in the right places;

- personal involvement on the various committees, contributing ideas and effort in order to make their initiatives become reality.

* * *

The strategies booklet is inspired by the City of Chicago's Bike Plan 2015, and is meant to guide the implementation of that network and to support it with facilities, events and mainstream acceptance.

The website as a whole, and any documents produced are meant as open, inspiring, flexible, continually updated resources.

One Green City is gaining momentum solely by learning from and supporting the efforts of Bike to the Future and other commuter cyclists, Winnipeg's city councilors, the city administration, Winnipeg's Active Transportation Study, health professionals/organizations, local bike mechanics and couriers, BIZ organizations, the Winnipeg Trails Association, local stewardship groups, Resource Conservation Manitoba, the Manitoba Eco-Network, private citizens and YOU.

Over time, One Green City has been collecting and sharing solutions. You are encouraged to help come up with some more. Interested in getting involved in city-wide intiatives?: contact and get invovled. Want to get involved at the local level? Visit the map of stewardship/user groups and find oine in your area of interest.

If you would like to help, but don't know how, please contact

* * *

Winnipeg has an opportunity to become a leading voice for this healthy, fun and sustainable form of transportation.

It is hoped that we can set an example and that more cities throughout the world will be induced to follow our lead. It is hoped that, perhaps, sometimes, all it takes is one green city.

Anders Swanson, Project Coordinator